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#wechoosereuse  – is an international campaign to reduce waste, implement reuse systems and increase recycling at all levels of the product life cycle – from production to disposal.

international campaign #wechoosereuse in Ukraine

Why we encourage you to join the #WeChooseReuse campaign

We are in favor of the transition to circular economy. It is an alternative to the traditional, linear economy model of economic development, based on the restoration and rational consumption of resources, characterized by the creation of new alternative economic approaches, the task of which is to minimize the negative impact of mankind on the environment.


By choosing reusables, we vote to reduce the area of ​​landfills, increase the percentage of recycling of valuable materials and increase environmental awareness in our country.


By choosing glass or metal containers, we minimize the entry of harmful substances into our body. Plastic packaging can contain toxic substances, release microplastics into food, and the contaminated packaging can not be recycled. 


By investing once in a set of reusable bags, containers or reusing cans or other containers previously purchased in the supermarket, over time we begin to save on packaging.

As an individual

Sign the petition

We want our voices to be heard, and this is possible only when we express our position: both with a wallet, buying goods and drinks in our reusable cups and containers, and choosing packaging that can be recycled, and when we talk about our eco-practices in social networks and sign petitions. 

Join the campaign and sign the petition about your intentions to support conscious consumption and the transition to a circular economy! 

Link to the petition
As a business

Sign an open letter

If you are a business representative, you can also show your active position and join the signing of an open collective letter of appeal of European businesses to the government, which aims to protect the interests of European companies that implement the principles of circular economy and deposit systems.

Read and sign the letter
Our campaigns

What we do in the framework of the #WeChooseReuse campaign

You can choose reusables in all spheres of life. 
Click on the image and learn how to move to the reusable side from personal contribution to the level of a whole city.  

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Conscious period

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Reusable packaging and zero waste purchases

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Reusable cups for drinks-to-go

Take a look on the map of coffeeshops, that give discounts on drinks in their own reusable cup, and why reusable cups are useful and safe

Refill Day

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WeChooseReuse Video


We encourage you to use the campaign`s hashtags in your posts, sign and distribute the above-mentioned petitions and do not be afraid to share your experiences of being ecologically conscious.