What is this?

They are as much as possible similar to their disposable mates: they have a main part that absorbs blood, and wings that fix the pad on the underwear (fasten up). The only but significant difference is that they are reusable.

What is it made of?

Pads are made of different materials – cotton, wool, linen – and, in most cases, they have a layer of waterproof membrane that protects against leaks. They are fixed on the underwear with snaps or velcro fasteners.

How to use it?

The same way as disposable ones. Fix them on the underwear and that’s it. After use, they should be rinsed well with cold water (to get rid of blood), washed in a washing machine, dried and be used again. Sensitive issue: is there any smell? No, there’s not, if you change them on time (depending on the flow).

How often shall it be changed?

Doctors recommend changing the pad at least once every 3-4 hours. And of course, take into account your own features and the heaviness of your flow.

Risk of leakage

There is always a risk of leakage, so you need to consider the heaviness of your flow and your own sensations. 

How to choose the right one?

As well as with disposable ones, there are daily, night and regular pads. Regular ones come in different sizes. Here you should take into account the size of the underwear, the heaviness of your flow and everything else so that you were comfortable living your usual life and not worry about your period. If you have chosen a brand, consult the manufacturer and you will definitely get help in choosing the right size.


The price can vary depending on the manufacturer and primarily depends on the materials from which it is made. Thus, a certified pad from organic cotton will be more expensive than that made of usual cotton. Also, garment accessories are important (snaps and velcro fasteners). Since the pad is purchased for a longer period, it is important that the accessories don’t go to rack and ruin faster than the pad itself. Therefore, better accessories also affect the price. The average price for pads is 90-170 UAH, certified pad from organic cotton – 250-400 UAH.