What is this?

Probably one of the most convenient inventions of mankind. If the cup is a tool that is comfortable and customary not to everyone, menstrual panties are the most favorable solution. These are your usual panties!

What are they made of?

The panties, similar to reusable pads, have several layers. There is usually a safe and comfortable material on the outside (cotton, linen, hemp) and a membrane inside, which actually protects against leaks.

How to use it?

Same way as panties. You put them on and forget. After use, they should be rinsed well with cold water (to get rid of blood), washed in a washing machine, dried and be used again. Sensitive issue: is there any smell? No, there’s no, if you change them on time (depending on the flow).

How often shall they be changed?

You can change them once or twice a day (so say the manufacturers). Doctors instead recommend changing any menstrual products at least once every 3-4 hours. And of course, take into account your own features and the heaviness of your flow. On the go or at work, period panties can be kept in waterproof bags/pouches (made of rain wear fabric).

Risk of leakage

There should be no leaks, but you should always take into account the heaviness of your flow and your own sensations. 

How to choose the right ones?

Just like the usual panties. Simply choose the size you usually wear considering the size grid of the manufacturer.


Quality panties are not cheap, but once you invest, you will have peace of mind for the next 3-5 years. The price, same way as in pads, depends on the manufacturer and can vary between 200 and 1000 UAH.