What are the calculations of the diaper calculator based on?

This calculator allows you to find out how many disposable diapers the child has already used and will use before transitioning to regular underwear, and also shows  monetary equivalent of these numbers.

The currency used in the calculator is UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia). Official exchange rates can be found here.

Child’s age

The calculator is designed for ages up to two and a half years. By this age most children switch from diapers to regular underwear. The data are taken from a Zero Waste Europe study “The environmental & economic costs of single-use menstrual products, baby nappies & wet wipes” (2019):

The average child is out of nappies after two years and two months, and after two and a half years, 95% of all children are out of nappies.

Number of diapers

The above mentioned study also indicated that a child aged 0-2 uses an average of 6 disposable diapers per day. In order to get more accurate data for different age groups, we consulted many mothers of children of different ages and asked them to estimate how many disposable diapers they use per day. As a result, we got the following numbers depending on age:

  • 0-3 months – 10 disposable diapers per day,
  • 4-6 months – 8 disposable diapers per day,
  • 7-12 months – 6 disposable diapers per day,
  • 13-24 months – 4 disposable diapers per day,
  • 24-30 months – 2 disposable diapers per day.

Next, we determined the sizes of diapers used by children of different age groups – according to the WHO child growth standards.

The cost of diapers

We calculated the average price of one disposable diaper for each diaper size (sizes 1-5). For a sample of one size, the average price was calculated based on the prices offered by the largest retailers. At least 9 types (trademarks) of diapers were taken into account for each diaper size (for sizes 1-2 – 9 trademarks each, for size 3 – 13 trademarks, for sizes 4-5 – 16 trademarks each). We included the most popular disposable diaper types that can be found in Ukraine’s online and offline stores in our calculations. For brands that have cheaper and premium lines, classic disposable diapers and disposable panty diapers, these items were considered separate types of diapers.

The diaper prices are accurate as of 23 January 2023. We plan to update the average prices regularly in order to provide up-to-date results.

These are approximate results. The exact numbers for your family may differ depending on your daily habits and the diaper brand of choice.

We hope you found this information useful!

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